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Executive Dashboards – Get better results from your business.

If you still rely on spreadsheets and static reports to run your business then chances are you are leaving money on the table.  Because in today’s fast paced business environment the CEOs who can harness their data will thrive.  But deciding which metrics to track and building a executive dashboard can be a daunting task.


That’s why you need a partner with experience in your corner.  At HuddleBoards we’ve got experience putting together some of the most effective executive dashboards you can find.  And, you will be up and running in no time.

See the data that matters most to your business.

With HuddleBoards we can connect just about any data source to your dashboard, automate its retrieval, and use that data to build your dashboard for you and your team.  With the right data, you and your team can spend your time making decisions that will help you reach your goals, not gathering information. 

Data types that HuddleBoards connect to

Example metrics for an executive dashboard

Choose the KPIs that matter to your business.

We will help you choose the metrics that not only tell you how your business is performing but also why you are either on track to reach your goals or not.

  • Cost Per Lead
  • Lead Conversion Rate
  • Forecast to Actual
  • Profitability by Sales Channel

Profit from making better decisions.

With the right information at your fingertips you and your staff can make better decisions that will increase your bottom line. What are you waiting for?  Click on the link below and let us show you how we can help take your business to the next level.

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