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Better financial analysis leads to better decisions.

Do you still rely on spreadsheets and static reports to make key financial decisions in your business?  You can now harness your key financial metrics into one easy to read financial dashboard allowing you spend more time analyzing the data and less searching for it.


But putting the pieces together can be an overwhelming job, that’s why you need a partner with the experience in need on your team.  At HuddleBoards we have the tools and experience you want and can design you own custom dashboard.


Track the financial metrics that matter most.

When you partner with HuddleBoards we will get instant access to the financial data you need to analyzie no matter where it may be stored.  And our custom dashboards will automatically update you information in real time ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data possible.  

Data types that HuddleBoards connect to

Example Operations Dashboard

Measure what matters and manage your finances with confidence.

With HuddleBoards we will work with you to determine which metrics are best for your business.  And, with our easy to analyze dashboards you and your staff will get the insight you need to succeed.

  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • AR Aging Analysis
  • Gross Profit Analysis by Product Type
  • Return on Equity

Make your business more efficient.

Improving the financial performance of your business starts with having the right information when you need it. And, with HuddleBoards you will have the data you need to make key decisions with confidence.

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