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Get more from your sales team.

Is your sales team feeling stuck?  If you and your sales people still depend on spreadsheets and outdated reporting systems then it’s time to plug them into a sales dashboard.  With better information your team can see where the best opportunities are and what it will take to crush their quota.  But deciding which metrics you should track can be a daunting task.


That is why you should have a partner with experience building high performing dashboards in your corner. At HuddleBoards we can put the right nubmers together that will give you the data you need to manage your sales team.

See the information that will increase your sales team’s effectiveness.

With HuddleBoards we are able to connect any data source you have to your dashboard, automatically update the information in real time, and use that data to build your sales dashboard.  With the right data, you and your sales team can spend your time selling not searching for information.

Data types that HuddleBoards connect to

Example metrics for an executive dashboard

Choose sales metrics that matter to your success.

At HuddleBoards we can help you pick the metrics that not only will tell you how your sales team is performing but why you are off track and what you need to do to get your team back on quota.

  • Forecast Sales to Acutal
  • Lead Close Rate
  • Average Sales Cycle
  • Profitability by Sales Channel

Increase your sales teams performance.

Measuring your team’s activities and performance is critical to your success.  And, with the right information at your fingertips you can make the decisions that make a difference in your team’s performance.  See for yourself – click on the link below and let us show you how we can help you lead your sales team to the next level.

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